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We offer a 10% Military Discount off of services. We offer Sunday pickup and drop off times!

Mission Statement

With a life-long passion for animals and a strong commitment to success, The Puppy Pad, Inc. was born. After years of learning, growing, and dedicating myself to pets and their people, my small basement business flourished, and we expanded to cover a broader range of needs to better serve my loyal clientele. My business shall always be seen as the blessing it is, as I surround all my pets and their parents with warmth, compassion, and care. Although sometimes "time" becomes my enemy as I rush to fulfill the demands of the day, I will remember that the pets well-being is top priority, and I will take the time and care necessary despite "chasing the clock", or a busy time-constricted owner, to put the needs of my furry friends first. I shall remember my standards of operations: cleanliness, friendly staff, and dependability. I will remember the 4 "C's": Confidence, Credibility, Caring, and Character. And above all, I shall remember that I am a mother first, that this is a family business, and although I have a deep sense of loyalty and work ethic, my time is the most valuable; my family the most important of all, and without them, everything I do or have done, means nothing. Every pet that enters this building shall be carefully cared for by me, my family, and staff.

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