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We offer a 10% Military Discount off of services. We offer Sunday pickup and drop off times!

We are one of the only facilities in Spokane to have an outside potty areas for pets, with two double-fence outside areas.

Three Dogs

Mandatory Requirements

All pets must have received their required vaccinations. Owners must keep their pets updated to ensure good health. We accept all breeds of dogs and cats, even those that are not spayed and neutered. However if your pet is over 6 months they must be spade or neutered to participate in daycare.  We recommend your pet is dewormed. The mandatory vaccines for cats and dogs are as follows:


Bordetella | DHPP | Rabies


FVRCP | FELV | Rabies

Grooming for Pets

Our facility offers full-service grooming, spa treatments, and other packages. Experience first-rate services from an all-breed grooming facility like ours. We can provide you with helpful knowledge on the right ways to care for your pets at home. For pricing details, please refer to our full grooming price list.

Spa Package

We provide a Special Spa Package for $10 in addition to grooming charges.
This package includes one pamper item from EACH category:

Pamper #1: Pamper #2 - Choose One Treatment: Pamper #3 - Choose One Accessory: Pamper #4 - Choose One Reward:
Teeth Care • Mud Bath
• Mink Oil
• De-Shed Treatment
• Feathers
• Earrings
• Bandanna
• Color Chalk
• Treat
• Toy
• Toothbrush
• Toothpaste
• Shampoo

Beneficial Add-Ons

In addition to our suites, we also have a complete retail section for all your pet's needs and wants. Unlike other facilities, we have animal boarding pickup and drop-off times scheduled on the following days on from Sunday: 7:00 a.m. - 9:00 a.m. & 4:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m. or anytime from Monday to Saturday during regular business hours.

New Deluxe Suites 

Our New Deluxe Suites are 4' x 6' x 6'.

Maximum Care Advantages

For us, our high-quality services guarantee you and your pets' total satisfaction. We understand how our clients' needs are bound to change from time to time, depending on circumstances. Hence, we regularly come up with new perks that further maximize your benefits. We have off-site 20-minute dog walks for only $15 a day per dog, with no minimum or maximum sizes/hours required. We also have one on one exercises time for 25- minute for $15. This service works best for dogs that do not mingle well with other dogs but still need exercise. Below are some of our other latest offerings:

50% Discount for Bin Stuffed with Treats and Toys | $15 Discount per Day for Boarding Pets (No Minimum or Maximum Sizes and Hours Required) | $5 Off for Day Care Dog Baths

No Day Care on Saturdays

At present on Saturdays, doggie daycare is reserved for boarding pets only. We also provide them with one on one exercise sesions and walks 7 days a week.

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